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You Want Fries with that (Help Hair) Shake? Seriously - French Fries good for hair....

By Larry Shapiro February 11, 2018 0 comments

You want fries with that (Help Hair) Shake? Seriously- French Fries good for hair....

Scientists in Japan recently published a paper, in the journal Biomaterials, that they had ability to regrow hair. They were able to generate up to 5,000 hair follicle germs simultaneously. Discovering a new method for the mass preparation of hair follicle germs (HFGs) that "may lead to a new treatment for hair loss."

Researchers at Yokohama National University found that when they used the chemical dimethylpolysiloxane — found in silicone, which is added to oil to cook french fries at the fast-food restaurant, they could mass produce hair follicles that could grow hair when transplanted into mice.

Preliminary tests suggest this method could also be used to eventually treat hair loss in humans.

Junji Fukuda, a professor at the university who helped write the study, said the use of the chemical was crucial to successfully producing the hair follicle germs.

"One of the more challenging obstacles to hair regenerative medicine. Mice that had these follicles transplanted onto their backs and scalps started to sprout new black hairs in these areas".

Fukoda went on to say that "The key for the mass production of HFGs was a choice of substrate materials for culture vessel...We used oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane at the bottom of culture vessel, and it worked very well."

However helpful the chemical was for the experiment, it does not grow hair. So eating more fries is not going to grow your hair!

We suggest if you like french fries, you should enjoy them with a Help Hair Shake and you will get great looking hair!

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